Business Law

  • Business entity selection (limited liability company, partnership, corporation)
  • Business formation (articles, operating agreement, bylaws)
  • Business agreements and contract review (buy/sell agreements, shareholder agreements, leases, contracts)
  • Purchase and sale of Business
  • Dissolving a Business
  • Succession or Exit Planning 
  • Business Tax planning
  • Non-profit formation and compliance
Business Law

Attorney Matthew D Brehmer, as a Certified Exit Planning Advisor, has the knowledge and experience to be your business advisor. It is tough to start, grow and run a business. As a business owner himself, Attorney Brehmer understands this. Every locally owned small business needs a team of trusted advisors. Attorney Brehmer will work with your team of trusted advisors or connect you with the advisors you need to include on your team.

Attorney Brehmer can help you with starting your business, which includes selecting the best business entity structure and tax classification and forming your business with all of the necessary legal documentation to ensure you have liability protection. Attorney Brehmer can also advise you on the best way to purchase a business and ensure you are protected to the extent possible after such a purchase. If your business is already in operation, Attorney Brehmer can review these foundational documents to ensure you have such liability protection. As your business grows and operates, Attorney Brehmer can advise you on what legal agreements and contracts you should have in place and prepare and review any agreements necessary.

Attorney Brehmer is often asked, how long before I plan to sell my business should I start preparing? The answer to that question is the day you started the business. Your business is an investment. That is why a succession plan or exit plan is necessary for every business owner from day one. Such a plan can cover death, disability, divorce, disagreement and distress in the event any of those situations ever arises. Once you and your business are ready, Attorney Brehmer advises his clients on selling and dissolving their business. Attorney Brehmer can help you from start to finish with your business so that you don’t have to worry and can maximize your investment. If you’d like to find out more, please contact our office today.


Business Law for your Business

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